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About Us

About Us

Phelle is a custom software development and business consulting company that provides consulting and technology services. It is headquartered in USA, Australia,India and has its primary development center in New Delhi, in the National Capital of India.

"We are dedicated to helping our clients connect the virtual world, improve lives, and build a better future plan .and the future is about developing intelligence into products and services to d improve the customer experience".


Phelle IT consultanat and Development (“Phelle”), as a leading IT solution and service provider, provides innovative information technology - enabled solutions and services to meet the demands arising from social transformation. We provide specialized software for different segments.( Offline / Android / Online ).

Online Solution:-

* Restaurant/Bar tablewise Billing System POS (Point Of Sale)
* Garage or workshop Managment System With CRM  
* Customer Relationship Managment with invoice, expenses, followups reports notes, ticket system
* HRM (payroll, attandance, geotracking, interner marketing took)